Terms & Conditions

  1. The company is insured in respect of its liability for accidents to its employees and third party risk. The maximum amount insured is twenty five million pounds. The company shall be liable to damage to customers property if such damage is proved to be caused directly by negligence of its servants, provided that in all cases, details in writing of all damages shall be sent to the company’s office within forty-eight hours after the damage has been done. The company shall not be responsible for any indirect or consequence loss or damage whatsoever arising from any breach of agreement of otherwise. The provisions shall not prejudice any rights of the customer under section 2 of the unfair contract terms act 1977.
  2. This agreement is for a period of 12 months from the of commencement of work with a minimum period of notice in writing of 3 months prior to the tear end and shall continue there after from year to year until determined by either party giving to the other not less than 2 months previous notice in writing.
  3. In the event of the customer prior to the termination of this agreement moving to other premises or extending the premises to which this agreement relates or making any alteration in the use of the premises or which otherwise increases the cost to the company of carrying out its obligations hereunder, this agreement shall not terminate but it shall be deemed to be appropriately amended as so altered, and the price shall be adjusted accordingly.
  4. Upon termination of this agreement however caused all charges outstanding to the company prior to and as at such termination shall remain payable in accordance with term 15.
  5. No agent, employee or servant of the company has any authority to carry in any way the terms of the agreement. If any variations are made in the terms of this agreement they shall be embodied in letters to be written by and between duly authorised officers of the company and the customers and such variations shall only once agreed be deemed to be incorporated in the agreement.
  6. This agreement shall be suspended during any period when by reason of a war, riot, strike, trade dispute or other cause beyond the control of the company, the work hereby contacted for is unable to be preformed.
  7. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the services detailed and the areas covered are those required by the customer.
  8. The company’s employees will call as arranged to carry of specified work, statutory holidays, local holidays, local holidays, Saturday and Sundays excluded unless otherwise arranged, and a charge calculated and payable accordingly.
  9. Unless otherwise stated, the companies charges have been calculated over a complete year and are based on standard of service rather then labour content, and take into consideration that no service will be carried out during any known statutory holidays, bank holiday’s, local holidays and shutdown. The company shall be entitled to charge additional prices where any work to be performed is made particularly difficult or time consuming as a result of any act outside the company’s control.
  10. To assist the company in maintaining its high standards, all desks and ledges shall so far as possible be cleared by the customer in order to facilite cleaning and to prevent papers and documents being mislaid.
  11. Water, power and safe storage of company equipment is to be provided by the customer free of charge, and all our employees are instructed not to use the customers’ telephone without prior consent.
  12. In the event of the cleaning being prevented by the customer and or his servants or agents, including trade dispute, it shall be considered as performed and the charge for the said cleaning shall be payable as the compensation for the time lost and wage paid. This shall include any period where the customer has extended the closure of its premises in excess of any statuary holidays (for example over Christmas).
  13. All claims for credit of work will not carried out must be made to the companies office within 21 days of the of non-service or unsatisfactory service, otherwise the client will be deemed to have accepted that the work has been carried out to the full and satisfactory standard.
  14. All accounts are payable on receipt of invoice. The company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts. The company may (without prejudice to any other remedy may have against the customer) serve written notice on the customer the unless all sums due are paid within 14 days it will cancel the agreement, and if payment shall not be made in that time this agreement shall be treated as repudiated and determined and the company may recover damaged accordingly.
  15. The company shall be entitles to raise charges by such amount as will indemnify the company as far as this agreement is concerned in respect of any increase in the amount payable by the company for national insurance contributions or value added tax or any other levy by any government department made upon the company in respect of its employees.
  16. Subject only to terms 3,5,9,10 and 16 the company will maintain the agreed prices for a period of twelve months from the date of this agreement.
  17. Its is the policy of the company to give the greatest importance to the health and safety of employees. The company considers this duty to be management responsibility greater than that of any other function. It is also the company’s policy to co-operate with customers and perspective customers with the object of providing for our employee’s similar facilities on premises under the customers control. Full details of our policy and safety at work are available upon request. Every effort must therefore be made by customer (where work is to be carried out under this agreement) to comply with all health and safety legislation.
If you would like a pdf of our Terms & Conditions please email us at info@marcgroup.co.uk