Dirt and debris in air ducts and vents is continuously blown and
sucked back and forth, creating a build up that effects your air
ducts performance and creates a breeding ground for
“unpleasant things”.

It’s easy to neglect your ventilation system as poor indoor
air quality presents an invisible hazard, so it’s often
not spotted until there is a bad smell, a fire or
an unannounced Inspection!

Giving your air ducts a professional clean with
Yes Cleaning, will avoid costly bills later
and failing an inspection!

Our specialist cleaning team will
visually inspect your ventilation system
FREE OF CHARGE and give you an accurate
cost to clean and restore the system.

The benefits of a professionally cleaned vents & ducts
will help you maintain hygiene standards , improve the
working environment and ensure you have the correct
certificate for your insurance company.

All carried out by certified professionals
at competitive prices.